Exhibitor booking for Arable Scotland 2020 is now open!

We received some very useful feedback from exhibitors at the 2019 event and have made a few changes which we hope will improve the general layout and flow of the plots. For example, all of your plots will be grouped together so there won’t be the issue of your plots being spread across a wide area. You’ll also notice that we’re selling double size (4m x 10m) plots this year which will allow plenty of space for gazebos in front of or (preferably) over your plot. We’re also including two sets of food and drink vouchers with each space booked and you have the option of purchasing additional sets at £8. The main marquee will be bigger with the Arable Conversations sessions in a separate area attached to the main marquee so you can still enjoy the sessions but they won’t interfere with your indoor stand.

We’re already expecting more companies to be present next year and the site at the Balruddery Farm near Dundee is already being scoped out. We’ve had lots of interest in exhibitor opportunities and this year we’re pleased to offer winter sown plots to external organisations. Our deadline for submission of paperwork, and delivery of chemicals and seed for winter drilled crops is Monday 2 September 2019.

For a booking form or to discuss your plot requirements, please email events@hutton.ac.uk