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Virtual Event 2020

Virtual Event 2020

The Virtual Field Map

We’re not in the field this year but we do have a wide array of exhibits for you to see. Just click on the ‘plots’ and ‘stalls’ on this ‘Virtual Field Map’ to view ‘virtual’ demo plots, related content and marquee exhibits. The map aims to put across something of what would have been on site on event day. Explore in the same way as you would a real field of exhibits, but from your own location rather than at Balruddery Farm.

To set the scene and hear about the themes and perspectives on this year’s substantial challenges, click into the Introduction videos from the event partners. There are 5 special interactive sessions you can take part in, too. Simply click the link at or after the start time indicated on each one.

Introduction by Partners

  • Live at 10am, 2 July
  • Perspectives on the current season and an overview of exhibits
  • from Hutton, AHDB, SRUC, SEFARI and Hutchinsons

View Intro videos

NEFERTITI - New Entrants

  • 1pm Live Webinar
  • Keen to get into agriculture? Or to retire? Know someone who is? Insights, contacts and tips.

View Webinar

Guided Digital Crop Tour

  • Live at 3pm
  • Featuring Hutton’s Centre for Sustainable Cropping
  • Hutton’s ‘Grieves House’
  • SRUC’s Woodlands and Tulloch rotations
  • SRUC’s Boghall farm

View Guided Crop Tour

How was it?

Winter Crops

Wheat (Corteva)

Corteva Inatreq Active Trial Hertfordshire
Remote video URL

Fungicide Strategy (UPL)

UPL OpenAg Iodus
Remote video URL
UPL OpenAg Potato Blight
Remote video URL

Spring Crops

Beet crops

RISS Beet Crops
Remote video URL

Novel Crops

Cover Crops (Hutchinsons)

Hutchinsons Utilising Cover Crops
Remote video URL
Alice Cannon at Alnwick
Remote video URL





IBERS Taste of plants
Remote video URL
IBERS/Aberystwyth University Oat Breeding
Remote video URL
IBERS/Aberystwyth University Oat Varieties
Remote video URL

Soil Pit

Healthy Soils (Hutchinsons)

Hutchinsons Healthy Soils
Remote video URL
SSM Hutchinsons Soil Health
Remote video URL
Soil Health Video
Remote video URL

Virtual Marquee


Hutchinsons Climate Model
Remote video URL
Hutchinsons TerraMap
Remote video URL


SRUC Spring Barley Ramularia
Remote video URL


Vaderstad CrossCutter
Remote video URL

Certis UK

Certis SluxxHP Unique Formulation
Remote video URL
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